Better Data. Better Science.

DropLab helps you increase the quality of your labs data by automating your procedures


We help you minimize human error by controlling the most critical steps in your procedure


Save time by minimizing the time needed to train new technicians or students and by speeding up your processes


Automatically log data from numerous sensors, making sure you never miss anything important ever again

Machine Learning

Analyse data and optimize your procedures in real time by taking advantage of machine learning algorithms


Collaborate with others by simply sharing and modifying the procedures that run on the machines


Remotely monitor your lab from where ever you are, or take run remote experiments from your office


All laboratories are a little different and so are their needs. We would love to get in touch and answer any question you may have.

What can you build?

We build custom laboratory automation equipment. This most often involves designing and building electro-mechanical systems and the software that is needed to control them.

What does the interface look like?

We generally prefer a python API as it can easily be integrated with other pieces of software. However, we can develop a graphical or hardware interface according to your specifications if that is what you prefer.

How long would it take?

We leverage rapid prototyping technologies to develop hardware as fast as possible Depending on your project, it may take anywhere between a week to a few months to finish.

How much does it cost?

Much less than you might think. Generally, the cost of your project depends on its difficulty, and how useful it may be to other customers. Sometimes there is a lot of overlap between projects, reducing costs.

Who owns the IP?

DropLab tends to keep the IP developed during projects, this is one of the reasons we can offer our services at a very low price. However, we are open to negotiation if your require the IP.

Who are you?

We are based in Kitchener, Waterloo, Canada and we work with engineers from around the world to create the right solution for your needs, which is the other reason we can offer our services for very low prices.

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