Better Data. Better Science.

DropLab has developed an innovative microfluidics platform to help you automate time consuming and repetitive laboratory tasks


We help you minimize human error by controlling the most critical steps in your procedure


Save time by eliminating many repetitive tasks and allowing researchers to focus more on what matters


Automate your data gathering, saving hundreds of manhours and thousands of dollars


Pick and match what compoments you want on your microfluidics chip

User Friendly

Our devices run on Python and are easy to use. They can easily be modified to fit your needs


All laboratories are a little different and so are their needs. We would love to get in touch and answer any question you may have.

What can you build?

We build custom laboratory automation equipment using microfludic designs. This can include designing and building electro-mechanical systems and the software that is needed to control them.

What does the interface look like?

We currently make use of a python API as it can easily be integrated with other software. A graphical user interface is in development.

How long would a custom design take?

We leverage rapid prototyping technologies to develop hardware as fast as possible. Depending on your project, it may take anywhere between a week to several months to finish.

How much would it cost?

Much less than you might think. Generally, the cost of a project depends on its difficulty, and how useful it may be to other customers. Sometimes there is a lot of overlap between projects, reducing costs.

Who are you?

We are based in Kitchener, Waterloo, Canada and we work with engineers from around the world to create the right solution for your needs, stop by and say hi!

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