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DropLab is at the forefront of microfluidic system design and development. Our dynamic team has years of experience developing solutions for clients in medicine, research, and pharmacology facing unique challenges.

Rapid Prototyping

Our comprehensive in-house capabilities including CNC machining, injection molding, FDM and resin printing, and laser cutting translate to faster results and lower costs.

Design for Manufacture

We design microfluidic solutions that make sense throughout the development process, from design, prototyping, and optimization, all the way to mass manufacturing.


Our integrated knowledge and expertise in electronics, mechanics, materials engineering, biology, chemistry, and manufacturing allows us to understand client needs and find optimal solutions better and faster.


System Design

Building a microfluidic device is as much about the driving system as it is about the microfluidic cartridge. We help clients design a cost-effective system that meets business needs.

Cartridge Design

We design cartridges to be manufactured by embossing, injection molding, high throughput WEB systems, laminated systems, and more. Our rapid prototyping capabilities allow us to design and test solutions in hours, not days.

Industrial Design

Our industrial design services ensure your device is functional, manufacturable, and well-formed. We provide renders of the devices to facilitate communication with stakeholders.

Why DropLab?


Our interdisciplinary team and in-house processes provides you with the most bang for your buck!


Our Rapid Prototyping capabilities allow us to develop solutions magnitudes faster than our competitors.


Our team’s expertise in fluidics, circuit design, and mechanics allow us to find the optimal solution for any challenge.